Senator Klobuchar responds to Minnesota mother’s plea for help

(ABC 6 News) — Senator Amy Klobuchar says her office is working directly with the U.S Embassy in Kyiv and Moscow to locate a Minnesota man.

Here is a timeline of events tracking Tyler Jacob’s whereabouts in Ukraine.

March 1:

We introduced you to Tina Hauser from Winona. She tells ABC 6 she feared for her son’s safety as he and his family were trying to flee Ukraine during the invasion.

"He sent me a message on Saturday that their house was marked with an X. They have been advised ‘don’t go outside, don’t confront the military, don’t do anything.’ He’s got that survival mode from being in the military and he knows what to do and how to protect. I knew as soon as he stepped foot on that soil in Ukraine, that was going to be his country," Hauser said.

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March 12:

Hauser says the last time she spoke with her son, Tyler, was Saturday morning when he was being forced to board a bus out of Kherson. According to Tyler, all foreigners were being transported out of the country.

A Russia media outlet interviewed Tyler as he was boarding the bus. In it, Tyler is seen going through security. In the interview, he says he moved to Ukraine in November and was an English teacher. He married his Ukrainian wife in January and since the invasion, they have been in hiding.

Hauser says her son was then taken by Russian military at a check point in Crimea. Since that moment, she has lost all contact with her son.

"My worst nightmare is coming true, and I’m fearful that they are going to torture him and kill him and I’m not ever going to see my son again," said Hauser through tears.

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March 13:

On Sunday, Hauser says she reached out to Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office; the senator was in Poland at the time.

"My heart goes out to the Hauser family, what a horrible thing to be going through, it’s my understanding he was in Ukraine and we’re trying to locate him," Klobuchar said.

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March 14:

The senator says her office has been working with the State Department and U.S. Embassy. Klobuchar added that because of the war, they have reconstituted the U.S. Embassy office from Kyiv on to the Ukrainian border in Poland. She says staff have been working around the clock to get Americans out safely.

"We have been successful many many times, and getting people out and back to the U.S., not only in Ukraine, but in Afghanistan and many other places so, we’re trying to get him home as soon as possible and get information to his family, who is of course incredibly concerned and very worried about what’s going on with Tyler."