Sen. Grassley to vote against Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination

(ABC 6 News) – Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has said he will not support the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Grassley cited a gap in her past records as a judge and her interpretation of the law he helped write saying he didn’t agree with Jackson’s interpretation of the law and can’t support her nomination.

"As a member of the committee, it’s hard to satisfy everyone. I’ve had calls to my office complaining about Senator Durbin saying good things about me. Or they argue that I didn’t say enough about how Democrats treated Kavanaugh and Barrett. And then I have Democrats who are saying I was too mean to the nominee.

Throughout this process, I’ve focused on thoroughly and fairly assessing Judge Jackson’s record. I think I’ve done that. We need confidence that judges will interpret the laws as they are written. Judge Jackson’s re-interpretation of laws I’ve helped write does not give me that confidence.

Unfortunately, that means I can’t support her nomination."

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