Save the Rookery group fights to save blue heron nests

(ABC 6 News) – The local group "Save the Rookery" says a developer is continuing construction, despite their recent lawsuit.

The group sued International Properties LLC to prevent it from developing land where blue herons nest and breed, now group says it appears the owners are proceeding with development anyway.

Save the Rookery members say they ultimately want the area to be a protected scientific and natural area.

"We think that the township board has been very pro-development in there outlooks, which maybe was appropriate until now. But, we have so little natural area left and this is the time for them to shift a little and recognize that we have to preserve some of these few areas that are left here, or we’re not going to have any," said Viki Morris, a founding member of Save the Rookery.

The township board will have a discretionary decision on the matter June 14, which will determine the fate of the forest.