RPS offers interim superintendent Pekel a permanent position

(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester Public School Board voted unanimously in favor of suspending the search process and offered a contract to interim superintendent Kent Pekel.

Dr. Kent Pekel told the board that he is "really honored" and accepted the offer.

“Let’s just say this has been a roller coaster. This is a superb board and we are on the cusp of long-term strategies.” said Pekel.

Board Member Karen MacLaughlin made the initial motion and said, "We have the person here in the room that we need at this time."

Board Chair Jean Marvin noted that out of the 215 people who submitted an online community survey, 185 of them responded with Kent Pekel. The survey offered participants the chance to name someone who they think would be a good candidate for the position.

Pekel told the board that he was recruited and applied at two other districts and told the board he didn’t want to say anything until after the vote.

Rochester Public Schools attorney will reach out to Pekel to negotiate a contract, which would still need to be approved by the board.