Rochester veterans talk about their fallen friends for Memorial Day

(ABC 6 NEWS) – Veterans say Memorial Day is a time to reflect and give thanks.

"I will always be a Marine. I will always remember those that came before me. And Memorial Day is a beautiful day to remember them, but they get remembered every single day by every single guy and every single woman that are sitting at that bar," said Gilmore, a Marine veteran who is a part of American Legion Post #92 in Rochester.

He sits at the bar and remembers the friends he lost while fighting in Afghanistan.

But he’s not alone. Steven Leqve also comes to the Legion to think back on his time in the service.

"You do meet a lot of people, and you do meet a lot of friends," Leqve said of his time in the Army.

Not all of his friends made it home. Leqve tears up as he remembers them, but still has a positive outlook.

"Time goes on and you make new friends too," he said.

Ben Schellhammer is a bartender at Post #92. His dad served in the military, and Ben wants to give back.

"It gives me great admiration for what he did. Not only for our country, but for our family and friends and whatnot. It’s not about the parties. It’s not about the drinking. It’s about the vets that served and didn’t make it home to their families," Schellhammer said.