Rochester School Board changes presentation deadline

(ABC 6 News) – Topics discussed at the board meeting included a change in time for the public to submit a request to present to the school board. The request came, in part, to allow staff time to prepare for the presentations. The deadline to request to present was 5:00 p.m., the day before the meeting.

Concerns were voiced by board members that a revised time would not allow those who worked until 5:00 p.m. time to prepare a request.

"As a local pastor, sometimes I wouldn’t be made aware of a concern a parent or a staff member had until maybe later in the day of Monday the day before. The current policy does allow full access," according to Rochester School Board Clerk Don Barlow.

Other board members pointed out board agendas are posted in advance, giving time for possible presenter to prepare. They also expressed the other forms of communication were available to request topics be discussed, including email.

The deadline change was approved, with Barlow requesting the change be revisited if it resulted in issues.

The construction of a mini roundabout at the intersection of 36th Avenue Northwest and Fourth Place Northwest for Harriet Bishop Elementary School was also approved, contingent with the same proposal being approved by the City of Rochester.