Rochester Muslim community takes part in Muslim Day at the Capitol

(ABC 6 News) – Thursday was Muslim Day at the Capitol in Minnesota. Muslim organizations from Rochester and all over the state are meeting with Governor Tim Walz and other lawmakers to discuss the issues most important to them.

Isaiah’s Muslim Coalition has identified four key issues they’d like to bring to the attention of lawmakers this legislative session.

First, Muslim advocates want to bring attention to human rights issues across the globe that they believe may not get as much media attention such as the hijab ban in India.

Other key issues include more affordable healthcare options for all Minnesotans and more affordable housing in Rochester.

"Building more affordable homes and also building apartments that can fit large families — like our families," said Salah Mohamed, a community organizer with Isaiah’s Muslim Coalition.

Lastly, advocates will ask the legislature to include more families in it’s tutoring assistance program. They hope to raise the income cap for participating families to $75,000.

"What we know for a fact in Rochester is that many of the Brown and Black communities actually are really failing," Mohamed said.