Rochester man sentenced to 17 months in jail

(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester man faced sentences for seven separate cases Monday, May 2.

Andrew Maylon Gustafson was arrested in Dec. 2021 and charged with three counts of fleeing a peace officer (once in a motor vehicle and twice without), several cases of criminal vehicular operation (felony and gross misdemeanor) for causing a car crash and fleeing the scene.

He had several older charges for drug possession, aggravated robbery, and carrying a BB gun/shotgun in a public place.

According to court documents, Rochester police were trying to locate Gustafson on four outstanding warrants in December of 2021. An officer surveiling Gustagson’s residence attempted to stop his vehicle, after which Gustafson increased his speed, failed to stop at the intersection of 11th Avenue and 2nd Street SE, and drove into oncoming traffice on 11th Avenue.

As he approached 11th Avenue and Center Street, court documents say that Gustafson swerved around several vehicles stopped at a red light, hit a van and utility pole at the intersection, after which he left his vehicle and was eventually apprehended on foot.

Gustafson was convicted of one felony charge of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

He was further convicted of one felony county of criminal vehicular operation causing substantial bodily harm, one felony chard of 3rd degree burglary, one felony charge of 5th degree drug possession, and one felony charge of aggravated robbery.

Gustafson will spend 17 months at the MN Correctional Facility in St. Cloud, with credit for 201 days served.

All other charges of fleeing a police officer by means other than a motor vehicle, criminal vehicular operation, carrying a BB gun/shotgun/assault weapon in a public place and driving after revocation were dismissed.