Rochester community members stand with Ukraine during peace vigil

(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester community held a peace vigil for Ukraine Monday evening at Peace Plaza.

Speakers included city leaders and local Ukrainians who discussed the history of Ukraine and conflict with Russia, as well as sharing personal stories.

During the event there was also a prayer for peace and the playing of the Ukrainian national anthem.

Dr. Alexandra Wolanskyj-Spinner spoke about her sister who has lived and worked in Ukraine for 30 years, "She has one message she wants me to share with you today, she said that Ukrainian’s ask for peace and she particularly said ‘I thank you all for your demonstrations of support."

Svetlana Vovkovinskiy, from Ukraine, said her son is planning to join Ukrainian forces in the defense of their country. She added, "I just ask you, when you come home you don’t have to do official prayer. Just pray and say that there are some people who, even been here so long, they still, in heart, love their homeland."

Speakers also shared various ways for people to get involved and to help Ukraine including donating to the International Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and Voices of Children.