Rochester Art Center working on new mural

(ABC 6 News) – Individuals were invited to help paint a new wall at the Rochester Art Center on Friday.

Two professional artists led a series of workshops to help create ideas for the mural. Those workshops had people think about prompts like what and where is home, and if home is a place, smell, memory, object or person.

Input was gathered from local students and members of the community.

"Members of the Rochester community were adamant that we include the corn tower in the mural, we couldn’t represent Rochester without the corn tower, they said. It was very important to include that and the trail system. I was surprised how many work shop participants said that the trails really meant a lot to them and to the people of Rochester," said Amy Garretson, Rochester Art Center Community Outreach Coordinator.

The work has been on-going for about a week now with the mural expected to be finished in the next few days. As of now, over 50 volunteers from Rochester have contributed to the piece.

The mural is located in the entry corridor gallery of the Rochester art center.