"We are killing our future" local Moms Demand Action member speaks out

(ABC 6 News) – Following the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the spotlight has been shed on the issue of gun control. One organization says what people should be focusing on is having common sense when it comes to guns. The group, known as "Moms Demand Action" is a national gun safety, non-profit organization.

The organization was founded after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, and has eight million supporters across the country.

The organization’s goal is to teach people how to be smart with guns in their homes as well as to create new legislation surrounding gun control. One main goal is to get rid of the loopholes that exist when buying guns. Additionally, the organization is encouraging states to adopt universal background checks legislation before purchasing guns.

Donna Miller started a chapter in Rochester for the national organization in 2016. Miller says a lot of tears have been shed in the last few days due to yet another tragic school shooting.

"People who come to our group have had enough," Miller, who is now the co-lead of the Rochester chapter, said. "They say it is not normal, we don’t have to live like this and our kids do not have to live like this. We are killing our future."

June 3 is national gun violence awareness day and Moms demand action is encouraging people to wear orange to remember the lives lost.