"Live from Med City" celebrates St. Patrick’s day

(ABC 6 News) – Saint Patrick’s Day is Thursday, and what better way than to celebrate with a performance by the Southeast MN-based Celtic band RavensFire?

It’s all a part of the Rochester Civic Music’s online music show "Live from Med City."

The RavensFire band plays Irish traditional music, folk songs, instrumentals and original music in the style of familiar Irish tunes. Larry and Melissa Schmidt have been professionally singing and playing music together ever since they met.

It’s a week-long run of virtual concerts recorded live at Rochester’s beautiful Historic Chateau Theatre..

The "Live from Med City" concept was conceived with the objective of spotlighting the many “live arts experiences” Rochester has to offer, featuring artists from around the block and from all over the world, and filmed in some of its finest and most unique venues.

"We were scared to death that the wrecking ball was going to come down on the Chateau Theater, cause the ceiling was caving in, there were rats in the basement and somehow the money showed up and it has turned out to be beautifully restored. It’s just a fun venue," said Guy Havelick.

The concerts can be viewed here.