"Little Shop of Horrors" hitting the stage at Riverland Community College

(ABC 6 NEWS) – Soon "Little Shop of Horrors" will make its way to the stage at Riverland Community College.

Students and staff have been working on the set since Christmas break, making it look like skid row and the flower shop the musical is set in.

They recently got several puppets that perform as Audrey Two or the flower that is known with the show.

"She grows in size over the course of the show and so we rented them from the publisher of the play. They are huge just massively large. So we’ve been just working with puppets and trying to figure out how do I make this look real and the thing feel like a character on stage," Riverland Theatre Technical Director John Deyo said.

The largest puppet came in a crate weighing 600 pounds.

The cast only has a few weeks to perfect using them.

"There is a chair built into it and she is sitting in here with her legs outside the pot and her legs are covered in roots what looks like vines and roots. and then it sits in her lap and she can perform like this and look around the room and sing along," Deyo said.

This is Riverland’s second production back in person since the pandemic began.

You can catch "Little Shop of Horrors" starting March 30th at Riverland Community College.