Puppy reportedly ingests antifreeze in Stewartville, no arrests made

(ABC 6 News) – A Stewartville family had to put down their 8-month-old puppy after it ingested antifreeze, according to the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said a deputy responded to an animal complaint call Sunday around 12:30 p.m. on the 2200 block of Mockingbird Place NW in Stewartville.

The woman who called said she believed her son’s 8-month-old American Pitbull puppy had been poisoned. The family told deputies they had let the dog out and throughout the day the dog stopped eating and acting like it normally would.

The puppy was taken to a vet where blood samples were taken and ultimately had to be put down.

The sheriff’s office did not find any evidence suggesting where the antifreeze came from. No arrests have been made but anyone with information is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office.