Over 30,000 lights in Rochester Christmas light display

(ABC 6 News) – If you’re looking for some Christmas sightseeing, there’s one local house in Rochester that’s decked out for the holiday, and the owner wants you to stop by.

Paul Paprocki has been making a spectacle out of his Christmas lights on Westwood Ct. NW in Rochester for 10 years.

"Made a lot of mistakes but also created some pretty fun displays," Paprocki said.

He puts up thousands of lights with his daughter’s help.

"It’s really fun to be able to work with your daughter to create something this fun," Paprocki said.

Each year he adds more. The count is now at around 32,000 lights total.

He says he’s been pushing himself out of his comfort zone his whole life and striving to be what he considers normal. Paul is legally blind.

"I’ve lived a normal life — I’ve done everything that people said I wouldn’t be able to do. I work full time, I put the display together," Paprocki said.

Paul may want to be normal, but his house and his positive impact on the community are anything but.

Trolleys drive by full of people laughing, smiling and thanking Paul for brightening up the neighborhood.

"I hear the kids screaming when they go by and people thank me. I try not to be out here too much but when I am they thank me for putting up the lights," Paprocki said.

And sometimes, Paul gets a front-row seat to special moments.

"A gentleman proposed. Took all the pictures with all the lights in the background," Paprocki said.

He said all he wants is for his neighbors to have a merry Christmas.