Outdoor workers share how they stay cool in extreme heat

(ABC 6 News) – Some people get to stay inside with the air conditioning cranked up on dangerously hot days. But, some have to go to work and their office happens to be outside.

"It’s very important for us all to get our sunscreen on," said Margaret Hinz, owner of Family Tree Landscape Nursery. "Because being out in the sun like this, this sun is getting more intense, harsher on our bodies, on our skin. It’s very important for all of us, all ages to make sure we get our sunscreen."

Employees at Family Tree Landscape Nursery wear wet towels around their necks to keep cool. But there’s another employee that needs to take precautions.

"Whether it’s somewhat snowy in the spring, or it’s raining a lot. We have to take care of the plants. The plants don’t survive without us. It’s part of our job."

If you’re not out in the garden, maybe you’re working on construction projects like Matt Boley, the production manager at Peak Remodel & Design Solutions LLC. He said he’s grateful for the breeze on a day like Tuesday. But working in hot temperatures is much different than working in the middle of winter.

"Extreme cold, you can put more layers on," said Boley. "You got heated jackets these days. There’s other stuff you can do. In the summertime, you can only take so much off, and you got to deal with it."

Boley said there are times when construction calls off work for the day. That all depends on if there is a breeze or not.

Both Boley and Hinz said to listen to your body, drink plenty of water, and get in the shade when you can.