Oronoco begins work on new wastewater system facility

(ABC 6 News) – Thursday was the groundbreaking of a new wastewater system in Oronoco.

The city is the largest unsewered city in the state. A number of its treatment systems either don’t meet current standards or are near the end of their expected service life. In 2020, Senator David Senjem and Representative Duane Quam secured funding for the $46 million project.

"Certainly growth will occur with the addition of businesses, and new housing for both single families and senior living," said Mayor Ryland Eichhorst. "Our tax space will increase with these new businesses which will allow us to make additional improvements in our parks, and for the residents, and different amenities for our citizens."

Utility rates are expected to increase about three to five percent per year. If all goes to plan, residents can start using the new water service in the fall of 2023.