Olmsted County officers report "excellent year" at the fair

(ABC 6 News) – The Olmsted County Fair had an "excellent week" compared to 2021’s disruptions, according to the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2021, the fair saw several assaults and thefts, which eventually led to closure of the carnival area at dark to prevent further incidents.

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For 2022, the county reached out to other law enforcement agencies and school resource officers to head off similar incidents.

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Capt. James Schueller with the OSCO thanked his team, Rochester police, and the Community Engagement Response Team for helping with the week’s festivities.

On Wednesday, Schueller said that 53 deputies worked 682 hours over the course of the fair.

He reported zero arrests, warrants, or fair-goers placed in a detox center this year.

There were five medical calls, two public assists with a disorderly or disturbance call, and one intoxicated individual.

Schueller said the CERT engaged seven of the disorderly individuals or groups encountered in 2022, making arrests or other law enforcement interventions unnecessary.

Schueller also said "big changes" like moving rides without fences, requiring minors to attend with a wristband or adult, and increasing law enforcement presence helped decrease the number of incidents.