Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem seeks re-election

(ABC 6 News) – Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem has announced he is seeking reelection.

"For sixteen years I have worked to keep our neighborhoods secure and been an active participant in the safe growth of our community. I am not done," Ostrem released in a statement on Thursday.

"Our local, state and national communities have experienced significant challenges related to the pandemic and social injustices. I am an experienced leader locally, and in statewide and national organizations. I can continue the positive momentum we’re experiencing."

"A key relationship I intend to strengthen is with our schools. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, our schools need the assistance of my office to help students attend and learn in a safe environment. Bringing back respect for teachers and all school staff will also plant the seeds of respect for our greater community. There is no greater means to achieve success than a high school diploma."

"Gun violence is raging across the country. I have made it one of the top priorities of my office to take a hard stand on illegal possession of firearms and the use of weapons in violent offenses. I will continue to enforce mandatory sentencing provisions for unlawful use of guns."

"The pandemic and other social injustices have created a swinging pendulum in public safety responses across the judicial system. It’s time to stop the swing and bring a consistent response to the issues of our community. We need to protect our local community from the broad, irresponsible inaction some large jurisdictions have experienced. This is not the time to throw up our hands in despair without direction. It takes a seasoned confident leader to stay our course."

"As Olmsted County Attorney I have demonstrated the ability to bring new effective responses to public safety. I have developed close relationships with our partner agencies in law enforcement, education and social services. I have significant associations with key service providers across the judicial and social system."

"I look forward to continuing my work – to bring you Progress You Know."