New tips come in after 20/20 Jodi Huisentruit special

(ABC 6 News) – It’s been a month since 20/20 aired its special on missing Iowa news anchor Jodi Huisentruit. Since then, those committed to her case said they’ve been receiving new tips and they hope one of those will help break the case.

The Mason City Police Department has been at the forefront of the investigation since day one. The department said after the special, calls and e-mails were flooding in.

"We will fit in the stuff that came in the aftermath of the 20/20 special with what we have and see if there are other things that we can follow up on now that we had followed up on with limited information," Mason City Police Chief Jeff Brinkley said. "That gives us a new perspective on something that we already had."

Another group that has been invested in the case is Find Jodi a group founded by journalists from the area.

"What we hope from any coverage of Jodi’s case is that the right person is going to see something and that is going to spark some kind of a trigger in them where they are going to reach out to law enforcement, or they are going to reach out to us with that one piece of missing information that we don’t have in Jodi’s case," Scott Fuller from Find Jodi said.

Fuller said they’ve received over a hundred tips since the 20/20 special. Some with brand new information, and the team is working through them right now.

"It also heightens our vigilance and redoubles our efforts with every one of these days and every one of these anniversaries every year that goes by," Fuller said. "The hope dwindles just a little bit from a realistic standpoint of this case being prosecuted, so it does raise the urgency for what we’re trying to do and raise awareness for Jodi’s case."

Since the airing of the special, it was discovered that one of the men who was questioned in Jodi’s disappearance, Thomas Corscadden, passed away.

A federal lawsuit filed against Find-Jodi by another man questioned in the case, Tony Jackson, has been dismissed.

Jodi has been missing for nearly 27 years. If you or anyone you know has information on the case you’re encouraged to contact the Mason City Police Department, Iowa DCI, or Find Jodi.