New program helps cover the cost of sewer repair

(ABC 6 News) -A new Albert Lea program will help residents cover repairs to their water and sewer lines.

Many homeowners are unaware that they’re responsible for the underground water and sewer pipes that run from their homes to the city’s system.

To prevent unpleasant surprise costs, the city of Albert Lea is starting a protection program for residential water and sewer lines. As approved by the city council, the program will cost each residential property 5 dollars and 50 cents a month.

The program will go into effect August 1.

"We certainly don’t want to see this happen to anybody where you have that very sudden shocking suprise that you have to pay for this major repair and you know people dont save up money for those types of things so how are going to apy for that well this program will help," said Albert Lea City Councilmember Jason Howland.

The program will provide up to 85 hundred dollars per repair with no limit on the number of incidents covered.

Repairs will be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.