New laws take effect in 2022

(ABC 6 News) – As we turn the calendar on to a new year, new laws take effect Saturday.

In Minnesota, a person’s driver’s license can’t be suspended based solely on their failure to pay traffic tickets or parking fines.

The Department of Public Safety also can’t suspend a driver’s license for failure to appear in court on a petty misdemeanor. 

Also new in 2022, the dispensing fee for prescription drugs will increase 29 percent from ten dollars and 48 cents to ten dollars and 77 cents.

Rates for substance abuse disorder treatment services provided by culturally specific or responsive programs will increase by five percent.

In Iowa, a new bill will allow people to provide emergency contact information when applying for or renewing their I.D. making it easier for law enforcement to reach family members if they get in a serious accident. You’re allowed to provide up to two emergency contacts.

Another one creates a permit to allow vehicles with excessive weight to transport fluid milk products to or from a milk plant as long as it doesn’t exceed 96 thousand pounds.