MN Mom creates formula finder social media group

(ABC 6 News) – People across Minnesota are doing what they can to helping each other find and buy formula. A mom in Dayton, MN has now started a Facebook group called "Formula Finder – Minnesota."

The page has three different boards members can post to, the ‘store inventory’ board for what stores currently have formula iin stock, the ‘extras on hand’ board for people to post formula they have to donate, and the ‘urgent need’ board where people in need of immediate help can post.

"We realized that there is a huge problem of people basically just wasting time because they’re driving from store to store to store and coming up empty handed," said the Formula Founder – Minnesota creator Tosha Anderson. She added, "It’s just been crazy to see the response. There’s a lot of people on WIC and so they’re desperate to find it in-store so that they can use their WIC account, and there’s people who are saying it was $20 for most people but because you’re on WIC and you can’t find it, just have it."

Click here for a link to the group.