Mayo Clinic stepping up security at Rochester, MCHS campuses

(ABC 6 News) – Mayo Clinic has implemented a new weapons detection system at patient and visitor entrances across Rochester campuses, and at several Mayo Clinic Health System sites, in an effort to keep weapons out of the hospital.

In a statement provided to ABC 6 News, a spokesperson for Mayo Clinic wrote, "Our patients, visitors and staff expect a welcoming and safe environment upon entering a Mayo Clinic building, and we are committed to providing effective security measures."

The Mayo Clinic spokesperson said the most visible of these precautions is a weapons detection system at the Emergency Department entrance in Rochester "which has been proven effective in keeping weapons out of the hospital," and the goal is to expand the system to other patient and visitor entrances across Rochester.

Long-time patients of Mayo Clinic say the updated system makes them feel safer.

"I think with COVID there has been a lot more violence it seems like, in the whole world. It’s already scary that you’re going to the hospital for medical things but thinking about your safety, you know, on top of it shouldn’t have to be an issue," said Kelly Axford, a Mayo Clinic patient.

Mayo Clinic said most people pass through it without delay.