Mason City "Maestro" vandalized

(ABC6 News) — A Mason City sculpture was vandalized shortly after midnight Wednesday morning, and the Chamber of Commerce asked residents to help identify the man responsible.

"We were saddened to discover our ‘Maestro’ was vandalized early Wednesday morning. Please share this footage, and if you recognize the person involved we’d appreciate it if you would contact the Mason City Police Department," the Mason City Chamber shared in a Facebook post.

Chamber of Commerce vice president Colleen Frein discovered the damage Thursday morning. She said it was a particularly frustrating find, as the statue is positioned near a sign warning would-be vandals that the area has security cameras.

In the security footage, taken at 12:05 a.m., a man walks up to the statue and bends the baton it holds over to the side before snapping off the tip and walking away.

"As you watch that video, you can see — he was on a mission to break that piece off," Frein said.

The Mason City Chamber has asked viewers to contact the Mason City Police Department with any information about the man’s identity.