Man injured in Kathy’s fight a fugitive from Illinois

(ABC 6 News) – Tuesday morning, 36-year-old Adam Joshua Blazer was lacerated in the face by a beer bottle at Kathy’s Pub in Rochester.

On Wednesday, he appeared in Olmsted County Court for fleeing an arrest in Illinois.

Illinois’ Winnebago County court filed two warrants for Blazer’s arrest after he failed to appear in court to face charges of aggravated domestic battery Tuesday.

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According to court documents, when questioned, Blazer verbally identified himself and stated he was aware of the warrant from the State of Illinois and that he was not in Illinois at the time that the warrant was issued.

Blazer waived his right to a writ of extradition, and agreed to return to Illinois to face charges, accompanied by a peace officer.

He is accused of aggravated battery/use of a deadly weapon, aggravated battery/strangulation, domestic battery, and criminal damage to property in Illinois, dated Nov. 22, 2021 and Jan. 3, 2022.