LTS Brewing hosts its annual Frühlingsfest

(ABC 6 NEWS) – LTS Brewing hosted it annual Frühlingsfest today, which is a traditional springtime German celebration.

They partnered with the Olmsted County Historical Society to raise money to restore an old German smoke house.

"So today we have our annual Frühlingsfest, which Frühlingsfest in Germany is a spring festival its kind of like a sister event Oktoberfest. We do this the first weekend in June or the second weekend in June every year," said owner Brandon Schulz. "We are restoring the Stopples smoke house and in that smoke house they would they would have smoke all kinds of meats and they were from Germany so this is a perfect pairing," Olmsted Historical Society executive director Wayne Gannaway.

LTS Brewing will also be hosting a speak easy event in July and an Oktoberfest event in the fall.