Lower prices at Rochester pools this summer

(ABC 6 News) -The Rochester City Council is hoping to make it easier for Rochester residents to access public pools during the summer heat. Silver Lake and Soldier’s Field Pool fees will be lowered for adults and children as early as next week.

Carreon Lozoya said he currently pays the $5 children’s fee to get into Soldier’s Field pool and comes about twice a week. It’s one of his favorite things to do in the summer.

"It’s probably better for the community because like, kids can just come if they have three dollars. The whole community will come, not just a small part of it," Lozoya said.

The price will go down from $6 to $3 for adults. Parents can get their first child in free, and each additional child is a $2 entrance fee.

"We’re charging about as much as they are for Kasson, and I think that’s too high. And I think that this would give people more of an opportunity," said Councilmember Shaun Palmer in Monday night’s council meeting.

The city council is making up for the lost cost by directing $50,000 of city money from the federal government.