Local McDonald’s employee honored in national initiative

(ABC 6 News) – As part of this month’s national Thank You Crew Initiative, McDonald’s is celebrating and honoring its employees including one of Rochester’s own who is making all the difference.

"I was totally shocked. Yeah, I was totally surprised," said Rita Roles who has been working at McDonald’s on Bandel Road NW for 21 years.

One of her loyal customers, Sara Keller, saw an ad to thank a McDonald’s employee who goes above and beyond. Keller said Rita goes out of her way to ask about Sara’s kids and when it’s time for McDonald’s, her kids ask to go to ‘Rita’s McDonald’s.’

"My kids having conversations with her when we came in, it made an impact on them," said Keller. "They felt like someone cared. Especially being an adult, I think they felt like someone cared about them and noticed them."

It’s the same smiles and kindness for every customer who stops by.

"It’s always been a joy every day to go to work. I just love it," said Roles. "If I can help them in any way, or service them in any way, I will do that. If I see a child that’s struggling or whatever, just go and help them. If you see a gentleman that’s sick, go and help them."

Roles says retirement is next although that’s down the road.