Lemons4Lance: Wabasha-Kellogg students raise money for friend after losing battle to cancer

(ABC 6 News) – A group of 11-year-old girls in Wabasha have been hosting lemonade stands to raise money for a good friend and classmate, Lance Larson.

10-year-old Larson lost his battle with cancer on Saturday.

Ava Stark, Alison Johnson, Eva Loechler and Anna Quade, all 11 years old are friends and classmates of Larson.

"Girls what did we make the first night? Close to $600 I think? In the couple hours that we did it and then we thought if we’re going to do this, we’re going big. So the next day we set up shop by the pool again and got balloons and really let the word fly throughout town," Kellie Quade, Anna’s mom and Larson’s second-grade teacher, said.

They decided to go big for someone whose life was cut short.

"He was very kind, caring, sweet," Loechler said.

Larson just finished fifth grade at Wabasha-Kellogg Elementary School. He had been bravely fighting primary liver cancer for over a year.

"Always had a smile on his face," Quade said.

"Even on the toughest days," Stark added.

He loved sports, penguins and his two sisters. One, his twin.

"Everyone loved Lance. We all loved Lance so much. His smile would light up any room, I mean really, truly. He was in my 2nd-grade class and that’s where I really started this bond with him and (he) just became more than just a student. He was a really good friend of our family and yeah, we’re going to miss him," Kellie Quade said.

These girls thought the best way to honor him is to raise money to help his family. Larson’s dad is also battling cancer. The girls hope if they raise enough money, they can help him too.

"These people in Wabasha have all rallied together to help the community and we are so fortunate to live in this town. The Larson’s should know they are beyond loved," Quade said.

They originally set a goal of $1,000 but surpassed that. They’re now aiming higher for $5,000.

"I feel like the parents are going to be really happy when they see because I don’t think they know how much we’ve gotten," Stark said.

Even though a glass of lemonade is one dollar, people have been giving more.

"We’ve been getting fives, tens, twenties. We’ve had a couple of 100s," Quade said. "We’re praying we can show up at their house with a nice check for them to help them with all of their expenses they’ve endured in the past year."

People can’t stop giving because when life gives you lemons, these girls made the sweetest lemonade.

"A little lemonade stand turned into something really amazing," Quade said.

"We miss Lance and he’s in a better place now," Johnson said.

To donate, money can be sent to the Venmo account @Kellie-Quade.