Kasson woman falls victim to gas theft amid high prices

(ABC 6 News) – With the high gas prices amid the conflict in Ukraine, many are falling victim to gas theft.

Cyndi Reed of Kasson walked out to her truck parked in her driveway and it didn’t start. It didn’t take her long to realize that her gas was stolen.

"I went out to go somewhere and my truck tank was empty and I knew it was on full last time I used it. So it was completely dry. Somebody had siphoned the gas out of the tank," Reed said.

Reed lives on a street corner in Kasson with a street light shining right at her house.

"I went under the truck to see if there was like a puddle and there wasn’t a puddle. That’s when I realized that something happened," she said,

Reed is frustrated about the high gas prices just like everyone else.

"It cost 98 dollars to fill it up again," she said.

But that doesn’t compare to the frustration she felt after falling victim to gas thieves. She now has a new strategy.

"I only put 15 dollars in it. I’m not going to fill it up again," Reed said.

She also said she plans to get a lock for her gas tank.

"Well, when I realized what happened I was mad for a little bit. But then it was just like you know what? Whoever did it I feel sorry for them and maybe they needed the gas more than I did," Reed said.

Authorities across the country are seeing a rise in cases like Reed’s and they say the best way to prevent it is to plan ahead.

"First if you can park in your garage. If that’s not possible, in a well-lit area, try to turn your exterior lights on. Underneath the street light or another well-lit area," Chief Josh Hanson of Kasson Police Department said. "Overall, the city is a safe place and it’s very rare for this type of crime to happen."

Other local gas stations such as Baraka Grocery and Gas in Rochester said they are seeing fewer customers because of this hike in the prices at the pump.