John Marshall Rockets eager to hit the field after weather postponements

(ABC 6 News) — Mother Nature once again threw a wrench into baseball in Minnesota on Thursday.

There was no Twins opening day and no prep baseball.

There may not be as many teams who’ve seen the weather affect them as the Rochester John Marshall Rockets.

They were set to open their season in Iowa against Hutchinson but that was postponed because of the weather. They’ve had 4 games postponed because of the weather.

Coach Tyler Zemla says they have made the basketball gym their "sanctum". On Thursday, they were back at the sanctum honing their craft. They weren’t able to get any hitting in, but they were able to work on other areas such as tagging and picking runners off, base running, and fielding.

Rockets pitcher and infielder Nolan Satre says they are eager to hit the field and it’s been frustrating this long going without a single game.

"It’s awful and I got hurt last year so I only got to play five games last year so it’s even worse for me," Satre said. "I haven’t played a game in a long time."

Should weather not be a problem, the Rockets will make their regular-season debut on the road this Saturday as they take on Mankato West,