Iowa Sen. Ernst on rising crime

(ABC 6 News) – Senator Joni Ernst hosted an Instagram live with Mason City police chief Jeff Brinkley to hear his perspective on rising crime.

Senator Ernst said she’s thankful for those that have stepped up in a difficult environment to serve their communities.

"It is a call to service and that’s what I want so many people to understand that folks like you chief and all of the others out there that carry a badge are out there because they do believe in service and protecting our communities, said Sen. Joni Ernst.

The two discussed mental health problems, Brinkley saying his officers see it in the calls they go to and in the number of suicides they are encountering.

Chief Brinkley also stressed the need for more officers.

"I really think policing is still a noble and honorable profession and i look forward to our next opportunity to hire and bring more civilly minded people into our organization," Brinkley said.

Brinkley says Iowa is a good place to wear a badge right now and asked the senator to keep doing everything she can to support local law enforcement.