Hundreds gather to mark the end of Ramadan

(ABC 6 NEWS) – Monday was the end of Ramadan, the month on the Islamic lunar calendar when Muslims abstain from food and drink from the break of dawn to sunset.

Hundreds of people gathered Monday morning to mark the end of Ramadan with Eid prayers at the Rochester Community and Technical College Regional Sports Center.

Organizers said more than 30 countries were represented at the event, including Iraq, Pakistan, and Eygpt.

"This was so calming and comfortable for me because I like miss my family back in Eygpt and when I came here and I saw all of these people celebrating and they are like you know together this made me feel like I’m home," Muhammed Arnous said.

It was also a time for people to see friends and loved ones while participating in prayer.

"It is a reminder of hardship and it is a reminder that rich will help poor and people will help each other so it means a lot and we are happy today," Ahmud Abdalhim said.

Monday’s prayer was put on by the Masjed Abubakr Al-Seddiq in Rochester.