Hormel Institute’s S.U.R.E interns present their research

(ABC 6 News) – Some of our youngest, brightest minds came together Thursday at the Hormel Institute to reflect on their time researching in real lab settings.

Since June, 11 University of Minnesota students have worked with scientists as interns. They conducted cancer research and technology projects. They also learned about equipment and techniques that are often not available in undergraduate classes.

Thursday, those interns got to present the work they have done over the last ten weeks to their families and peers.

Sam Hagan, A UMN student from Austin, was one of those interns.

"I would like to study brain diseases in the future. Whether that’s just regular brain diseases like traumatic brain injuries or even brain cancer. At least I have a head start," Hagan said.

The interns worked on a variety of research topics from cancer treatments to DNA research.