Hayfield baseball’s Easton Fritcher on final pitching start as a Viking

(ABC 6 News) — On Friday, Hayfield baseball will try to repeat as Class A baseball champions and they’re in this position thanks to the efforts of Golden Gopher-to-be Easton Fritcher.

The senior stumped Sacred Heart with 13 strikeouts Wednesday. He’s been all-out this season while shaking off a groin injury, ABC 6 Sports Reporter José Solís asked Fritcher about how it felt to take the mound for the last time as a Viking. In addition, Fritcher was also asked how fitting another state title would be with the town of Hayfield’s 125th birthday coming up.

"He told me I got 115 pitches and I told him, ‘ok, I’ll give you my best shot,’" Fritcher said. "And my best shot was go have a complete game today and that’s all I could ever ask for to end my career. Especially with how the year’s gone, haven’t been able to pitch as much, it feels amazing. And I wouldn’t have wanted that any other way. Hopefully, we can give them a little early present, cause I know that would be — the community would go crazy."

The Vikings play the Randolph Rockets at 10 AM on Friday at target field in Minneapolis.