Gas prices on the rise…again

(ABC 6 News) – Gas prices have jumped again locally compared to what they were this same time last year. Prices have soared by nearly a dollar, compared to this time last year, and it is having an impact on people’s pockets.

Gas prices are at their highest since 2014. The biggest impacts have come on those who drive trucks or utility vehicles, but everyone is feeling the impacts.

"There’s a little bit of higher demand due to the Winter weather we’ve seeing recently, and that causes a need for heating oil and so then all oil is going up," AAA Public Affairs Specialist Meredith Mitts said.

In Minnesota, gas prices last year averaged out to $2.32. This year, the number is up to $3.28. Iowa’s average has also jumped from $2.37 to $3.23.

"I looked at my tank and I said okay I need to stop pumping my gas. I thought about getting a new car even," said Anne Wolf.

"You know you can see, this is a monster of a vehicle and it’s my vehicle of choice, but it does affect me. It’s either gas prices or you know food or bills. It is. It has affected us negatively for sure," said Curtis Ross.

There is also growing uncertainty with the situation between Russia and Ukraine as opposed to whether or not any sanctions will be imposed, thus affecting imports for new oil.

In the meantime, gas prices will likely stay about the same or potentially increase more as we know more about the situation between Russia and Ukraine despite warmer weather on the way.