From hobby to business: Rochester family opens discount store

(ABC 6 News) – A new discount store officially opened its doors in northwest Rochester on Tuesday.

What started out as a hobby during the pandemic has now turned into a family business. Katie and Jason Grabow started buying pallets of overstock items.

The store, Med City Discount Outlet, sells a little bit of everything from household items like betting, candles and kitchenware, to kids’ toys, electronics and clothing.

The Grabow’s said the fun part is that the pallets are different every time. They have no control over what comes in each shipment.

"With the way things are going with the economy, inflation, everything costs more. Even going to the grocery store, the price differences are getting to be significant," James said. "And even for everyday goods and by being able to sell the stuff for 50 percent of what you can buy in a store, we’re hoping that more people take advantage of that. We won’t always have everything you’re looking for, but we’ve got some great deals on some pretty useful items."

Items in the store are what you could find at big box stores such as Target, CVS, Sam’s Club and Amazon.