Four-way stop to be installed at Hwy 30-Olmsted County Road 1

(ABC 6 News) – A dangerous intersection in Olmsted County will soon have improved safety by way of a four-way stop.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will be changing the intersection of Hwy 30 and Olmsted County Road 1 east of Stewartville beginning on April 4.

Over the past five years, MnDOT has recorded 17 crashes in five years (2016-2021), including three serious-injury crashes, but no fatal crashes.

MnDOT has recently seen an improvement in a similar conversion in Spring Valley at Hwy 63/Hwy 16 / CR 1 intersection in the past 2 years.

The changes at Hwy 30 include:

  • Oversized stop signs will be placed on both sides of the road on the four roads that approach the intersection
  • Stop signs on both sides of Hwy 30 in each direction will have LED lights
  • Stop ahead signs on all four approaches
  • Stop bar painted at an intersection on all four approaches
  • “Stop Ahead” is painted on road approaching the intersection on all four approaches

Last week MnDOT installed digital message signs on the road alerting drivers that the change is coming on April 4.