Family fight leads to brawl outside Byron bar

(ABC 6 News) – A woman was detained, but no arrests were made after a Saturday night/Sunday morning brawl outside The Compadres in Byron.
The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office sent one officer to The Compadres Saturday evening, May 21, after bar staff called for support at closing time, due to disorderly behavior and some fears of conflict.
At about 1:19 a.m., a bouncer alerted the deputy to a fight outside the bar.
Two women, ages 24 and 29, were fighting on the ground outside the door. According to Capt. Schueller with the sheriff’s office, the deputy pulled one woman off the other, placed her in handcuffs, and told her she was being detained – not arrested.
He placed her in his car, then returned to the parking lot to instruct around 40 people, many of whom were engaged in verbal altercations, to go home.
The officer also requested support from Kasson police, Dodge County first responders, and the Minnesota State Patrol.
After the majority of the people left, the officer returned to his car, took the handcuffs off the detained woman, and noticed an injury on one middle finger. She told him the other woman had bit her, and he requested an ambulance to check her for serious injury.
The woman told the deputy the fight stemmed from a dispute between their families earlier in the night.
No one was charged, and the fight was deemed a mutual altercation.