Fake sheriff scam reported in Mitchell County

(ABC6 News) — The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office warned residents not to fall for a new scam involving a fake sheriff.

The Iowa law enforcement agency has had "numerous" calls regarding a scam by a caller claiming to be from the Mitchell County office.

"He states his name is Officer (Alexander) Green with a badge number of B532," the sheriff’s office stated.

The caller tells individuals there is a warrant for their arrest because they missed a Grand Jury date on March 3, and that the next court date is Aug. 31.

The caller provides a fake warrant number (CJ3790W297RR31C) and citation number (3725890), then claims the warrant is for a payment of $425 and asks for money over the phone.

The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office advised that all calls of this nature are a scam, and asked residents to spread the word.