Eyota man’s cause of death confirmed as overdose

(ABC 6 News) – The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a third overdose in an Eyota garage in January.

Capt. James Schueller confirmed that Anthony Holzer, 43, died from “toxic effects of cocaine and fentanyl.”

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The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate a death over the investigated Holzer and Brandon Mueller’s deaths in late Jan. 2022, after receiving a medical call.

When law enforcement arrived they found three men unconscious in the garage.

The sheriff’s office said a deputy responding noted the garage smelled like a gas exhaust and told the woman to open the garage door and let it air out. A gas furnace had been running in the garage and, initially, responding agencies thought this could be carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mueller was pronounced dead on the scene, Holzer was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead, and a third man recovered.

Initial autopsy results ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning.

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