Exclusive ABC 6 News Poll: Economy has heavy impact on voters

(ABC 6 News) – With inflation and rising prices across industries, voters are paying extra attention to the economy this election season, according to an exclusive ABC 6 News/SurveyUSA poll.

Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District is one week out from a special election to elect a representative to the U.S. House and replace the late Jim Hagedorn’s spot. Voters like Jim Frost, who early-voted for Jeff Ettinger, have already made up their minds.

"I discovered that he’d been CEO of Hormel. I know it’s a big business and I know it’s successful. If a man can run a big, successful business, he can work in our legislature as well," Frost said.

Chris Brandt is the Chairman of the Olmsted County Republican Party, he sees why Republican voters are choosing Brad Finstad.

"Freedom, having schools that teach and don’t indoctrinate, and a strong economy and foreign policy. Those would be reasons to vote for Brad Finstad," Brandt said.

Both candidates have spent the past few months canvassing farms and businesses — recognizing that inflation means many are thinking about the economy this election season.

An exclusive ABC 6 News/SurveyUSA poll backs that up.

According to the survey, 75% of polled likely voters say candidates’ views on the economy are very important when deciding how to vote. While 20% say views on the economy are somewhat important and only 5% are unconcerned or unsure.

The poll also asked voters about gun laws, abortion rights and the pandemic.

67% say gun laws are very important to their vote, 24% say they are somewhat important, and only 2% say gun laws are not important at all.

59% say candidates’ views on abortion are very important, while 25% say they are only somewhat important. 15% say they are not very, or not at all important.

Only 39% say the COVID-19 pandemic is very important to their vote. 33% say the pandemic is somewhat important, 16% say not very important, 11% say not at all important, and 1% say they are unsure.