Dodge Co. Sheriff raises concern over KM School Resource Officer program

(ABC 6 News) – The Dodge County Sheriff says the Kasson-Mantorville School District is making the wrong decision when it comes to school security.

Wednesday, the district said it was considering ending its relationship with the Kasson Police Department and was instead looking to hire its own private school resource officer.

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Thursday, Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose posted a five page letter on the department’s social media page after he said he received numerous calls from concerned parents in the school district.

In the letter, Sheriff Rose outlined more than a dozen different reasons why a licensed law enforcement officer should hold the position at K-M schools. He points out things like training, response, and investigations, saying a school resource officer won’t have the training a law enforcement officer would. They also would have a slower response to emergencies because the officer would have to call 911 like everyone else, and that an independent officer wouldn’t have access to the same resources and investigations.

The sheriff also mentioned the letter the Kasson-Mantorville Superintendent sent out to parents, and questions some of the information. Sheriff Rose said that to his knowledge all schools in the area coordinate with law enforcement, and that while the school’s job posting says it’s looking for a licensed officer, that’s not possible with the full-time employee being a district employee and not an employee of a law enforcement agency.

The sheriff said the district contacted his office, but his department wouldn’t take the job because it’s unethical, among other reasons, saying it’s within the Kasson Police Department’s jurisdiction and the current officer is doing a great job.

The sheriff also said that while the district may want to save money, with recent school shootings and violence, he hopes the district reconsiders.