DFL House Speaker Melissa Hortman pushes for special session

(ABC 6 News) – Negotiations continue at the Minnesota State Capitol before an anticipated special session.

House and Senate leaders have been in meetings over the past few weeks to try and reach a compromise on the specific spending plans for bills like public safety, health and human services and transportation.

Minnesota Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman said while they still haven’t nailed down a date for a special session, lawmakers are coming closer to agreements on a $1 billion education bill and a $450 million transportation bill.

In an interview with ABC 6 News, Hortman said that state legislatures need to act to secure federal funding for certain projects. Another reason why she believes reconvening for a special session is imperative.

"Matching the federal money is a really big deal. Most cities and counties and states can’t do some of these new big transportation projects without providing matching funds. So it’s really important that the state legislature acts. When you look at what’s at stake, if there’s not a special session, losing out on the federal money by not providing the state match is probably the highest risk item that’s out there – which is a reason for us to pass a budget even though it’s not a budget year," Hortman said.

They’ll meet again on Monday to discuss the health and human services bill.