Destination Medical Center Looks Toward the Future

(ABC 6 NEWS) – The Destination Medical Center Corporation Board met to discuss different development projects going on in Rochester.

And for many of them, they’re a part of what investors say is key to development in the city.

Let’s start with the historic Chateau Theatre.

On Tuesday, the city signed off on a Threshold Arts contract to manage the theatre for three years.

And now, Destination Medical Center Corporation members voted unanimously to add $250,000 to the total $10 million budget.

"In order for the Chateau Theatre to function really well, there needs to be more infrastructure added inside. So additional light, additional things like staging, things that will make it easy for our community to use," Jamie Rothe, DMC Director of Community Engagement and Experience said.

And for Rochester Mayor Kim Norton, she sees that the Chateau Theatre can reach its full potential.

"The theatre is gorgeous, it’s fun seeing all the lights at the marquee light up, particularly in the evening, and it does have many memories for the people of Rochester," Mayor Norton said.

And for the first time — in a long time– the doors of the historic theatre were open. People have a special connection to this building.

"It’s not just about the building, it’s about the operation," R.T. Rybak, DMCC Board Member said.

The DMCC Board also talked about Link Rapid Transit, a proposed 2.8-mile bus rapid transit route throughout Rochester.

The whole point of this is to make mass transit accessible.

DMCC Board Members voted unanimously on updates to Link Rapid Transit.

To start — there will be a realignment of the East Terminus — the station at the Library.

This will add a Civic Center Westbound Station Platform. It will make the route more efficient and close to areas like the library — Art Center — and Civic Center.

Board members also discussed what’s going to happen at the West Transit Village. This new proposal is to add roads and sidewalks to support the bus loop.

Station design to improve climate control at each of these stations was discussed too.

Both of these project proposals by DMCC Board Members will go to the city council for final approval.

"We want to make Rochester Continue to be the most attractive city in America, and it is a great city, and we can keep doing things to make it even better," Patrick Seeb, Executive Director of Destination Medical Center said.