Crowds rally for medical freedom in downtown Rochester

(ABC 6 News) – Monday, a group of healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and others gathered at Peace Plaza to rally for medical freedom.

Dozens walked with signs and were addressed by Dr. Scott Jensen, the former state senator who is gaining momentum in the polls for speaking out against mandates. Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center are among the many healthcare providers across the country who are enforcing vaccine mandates.

"There’s a number of us who don’t want this mandate. You know to be pushed upon us against our will, it’s coercion at its finest," said Ana, a nurse who traveled from the Twin Cities for Monday’s event. "Here at Mayo Clinic, you know head of all hospitals, everyone looks to Mayo. This is really where we need to show our support and stop the line right here.

"We have strength in numbers," said Debra Patzner, a supporter of medical freedom. "There’s power in numbers and if we let everybody know what we want, that gives us power."

For employees at Mayo Clinic, said it will consider religious exemptions for those who went through the proper protocol. Olmsted Medical Center said medical and religious exemptions for employees have been approved.