Couple allege racial profiling by Austin PD after being detained for hours in Lyle

(ABC 6 News) – While police were searching for a robbery suspect in a Lyle neighborhood Friday, an Austin couple said they were detained for hours, and now allege racial profiling.

Lindsey Williamson, a white woman, and Deandre Bradley, a black man, were at home in Austin when they heard police were headed to Lyle. Williamson’s grandparents live in Lyle, so they decided to go check on their house.

When the two got into town they said their car was surrounded by police and they were forced out of the car.

Williamson said they were both read their Miranda rights and told they were considered suspects in a robbery in Austin.

"This is something you see on TV but not in real life. I was literally sick to my stomach thinking they’re going to shoot him," Williamson said.

They say they were detained for two-and-a-half hours and police had guns pointed at them the whole time.

"Honestly, this is something I never thought would happen to me, you know? I’m a citizen. I’m a taxpayer. What did I do so wrong to make somebody accuse me of something so vicious?" Bradley said.

Williamson and Bradley said they were humiliated and Bradley said he would not be going back to Lyle any time soon.

The couple said they plan to file a lawsuit against the police after Friday’s incident.

ABC 6 News reached out to Austin Police and the Mower County Sheriff’s Office for a comment, and as of news time, Friday did not receive a response.