Community raises around $20,000 for nonprofit gym

(ABC 6 NEWS) – People in Wykoff are taking matters into their own hands and building their own recreation center — called Wykoff Commons. The nonprofit gym was full of community members Sunday as the town celebrated with an open house.

"It’s fun to work alongside people like that," said David Roberts, a member at Wykoff Commons.

Before Wykoff Commons opened in 2020, Roberts drove to Harmony to play pickleball inside during the cold winter months. Now he and his team have a place to play right at home.

"It’s just very convenient for us," he said.

Wykoff Commons unveiled a new hardwood floor at Sunday’s open house — something organizers say was a large community effort made possible because of the town’s generosity. They raised over $20,000 to purchase the floor, and volunteers drove it from Kansas to Minnesota.

"It’s a very generous caring community. Once we were able to get the word out that there was a need, people just sprung up," said Mark Burmeister, a board member of Wykoff Commons.

The board bought and re-purposed an old school building in town, because they saw a gap in their community.

"I think there was a vacuum for a fitness and recreation center in this area," Burmeister said.

The nonprofit is also taking donations of exercise equipment and is working to expand daycare options. They hope to communicate that this isn’t just a gym. It’s a space to connect with neighbors.

More information about Wykoff Commons can be found here.