Clear Lake’s Trevor Penning gets into third straight scuffle at Saints training camp

(ABC 6 News) — Back in April, Clear Lake’s own Trevor Penning was picked in the first round of the NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints, his reputation as a physical offensive lineman well known by now.

But he may be making his case a little too well in New Orleans as multiple reports indicate that he’s been involved in confrontations with teammates. Wednesday, Penning and defensive tackle Malcolm Roach let their tempers get the best of them during practice. For the former Northern Iowa Panther, it was the third straight day in a row that he’s got into a scuffle.

Both Roach and Penning were promptly ejected from practice, Penning telling ESPN after, "It’s a tough game for tough people and you’ve got to be able to take that. There’s no bad blood between us. We’re just competitors competing."